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Braj Leela ki Teen Apurn Vanchayen is a holy book published by Shri Harinam Press in Vrindavan, India. It is a collection of stories about the divine pastimes of Lord Krishna and His beloved Radha in Vrindavan. The book was written by Shri Hita Harivansh Goswami, a renowned Gaudiya Vaishnava scholar and saint.

The book contains three stories, each of which describes an unfulfilled wish of Krishna or Radha. The first story is about Krishna's unfulfilled wish to dance with Radha for all eternity. The second story is about Radha's unfulfilled wish to see Krishna's universal form. The third story is about Krishna and Radha's unfulfilled wish to be together forever.

Braj Leela ki Teen Apurn Vanchayen

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