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Nitya Trisandhya Kirtan is a holy book of devotional songs and hymns that are sung by the followers of Pushtimarg, a sect of Hinduism that worships Lord Krishna as the supreme deity. The book contains the lyrics and meanings of the songs that are performed during the three daily prayers (sandhya) of the morning, afternoon and evening. The songs are composed by various saints and poets of Pushtimarg, such as Vallabhacharya, Vitthalnathji, Surdas, Nandadas, Kumbhandas and others. The book also includes the rules and rituals of performing the sandhya prayers, such as the proper posture, direction, time, mantra and offerings. The book is published by Shri Harinam Press, Vrindavan, which is a well-known publisher of Pushtimarg literature. The book is meant to inspire devotion and love for Lord Krishna and to guide the devotees in their spiritual journey.

Nitya Trisandhya Kirtan

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