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Ramayan Ka Jatayu Dharam is a holy book that narrates the heroic sacrifice of Jatayu, a giant eagle who tried to save Sita from the clutches of Ravana, the demon king who abducted her from the forest. The book is published by Shriharinam Press, a leading publisher of Hindu religious literature. The book is a tribute to Jatayu, who is regarded as a symbol of courage, loyalty, and righteousness. The book reveals the backstory of Jatayu, his friendship with Rama and Lakshman, his encounter with Ravana, his last conversation with Rama, and his final rites performed by Rama. The book also highlights the moral and spiritual lessons that can be learned from Jatayu’s life and death. The book is written by Swami Jatayu Das, a disciple of Swami Shriharinam, who claims to have received the divine inspiration from Jatayu himself. The book is written in Hindi language, and is enriched with verses from the Ramayana epic and other scriptures. The book is a source of inspiration and guidance for anyone who wants to follow the path of dharma (duty), vairagya (detachment), and sharanagati (surrender).

Ramayan Ka Jatayu Dharam

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